Partner & General Counsel - Candidates

JXP Search’s Partner and General Counsel Division is different from other executive search firms because our only focus is legal, nationally and internationally. Working with a JXP Search Partner and General Counsel Division consultant provides you with access to unparalleled legal market intelligence and contacts.

Confidentiality and integrity are always top priorities with JXP Search, and as a candidate working with JXP Search's Partner and General Counsel Division your inquiry and potential search will always be managed in strict confidence with the highest ethical standards.

Who We Work With

We work with partners (individuals and groups), firms seeking a merger or acquisition, law firm management executives, corporate legal executives and management level counsel.

How We Work

We assist candidates in two distinct ways:

  1. Candidates Not Actively In the Market: Most of the candidates our consultants speak with are not actively looking to make a move. However, maintaining a dialogue with a JXP Search consultant allows them to keep abreast of market opportunities and trends. If they want or need to make a move they already have an established relationship with a consultant and the market intelligence gained through their ongoing dialogue with their consultant.
  2. Candidates Actively In the Market: For candidates that are actively exploring new opportunities, JXP Search’s consultants present them with appropriate open opportunities, but more importantly, work to identify opportunities that may not be “open” or advertised. At the lateral partner or merger level, many opportunities are created specifically for the candidate. Our consultants work closely with JXP Search’s market intelligence, network and contacts to identify opportunities that may fit a strategic need of a client and the professional and financial goals of our candidates.

Value Added Services

Making the right move at the partner or general counsel level requires access to market information, data and insight as to how the process works. Because JXP Search Partner and General Counsel Division focuses only on legal placement, we are ready to assist our candidates with identifying and working through the many issues, hurdles and requirements of a move. Some of the issues we discuss with our candidates include:

  • How to value your practice or group 
  • How to prepare a business plan 
  • What information you should expect to provide in the “due diligence” process 
  • What information you should expect to receive in the “due diligence” process 
  • Interview preparation 
  • Different interview practices: individual, group, panels, etc. 
  • Clauses in your current partner agreement that may have to be addressed 
  • Partner & Executive Compensation: trends and typical models 
  • Compensation Models: Objective vs. Subjective; Transparent vs. Closed; Equity vs. Non Equity 
  • Employment Contracts: Specific practice and geographic trends regarding length of guaranteed compensation and structure 
  • Mandatory retirement age requirements 
  • Malpractice insurance issues 

Cost to You

There is no cost to the candidate. Fees are paid by the employer if a successful placement or merger takes place.