Legal & Executive Search - Clients

The most talented legal professionals are not always actively searching for new positions at the time you have a need. JXP Search recruiters work with their network of contacts to identify passive candidates and present them with your opportunity. 

JXP Search Recruiter Training

JXP Search’s recruiters frequently participate in continuing education and training. This keeps them current on the trends and important issues facing the legal community and the best practices in the search profession.

Types of Searches 

Every search is different. Every search presents different challenges. JXP Search’s goal is to tailor a plan that helps our clients fill their specific positions quickly and efficiently, with the most qualified candidate. In order to do this, we provide our clients with four search options: 

  • Contingency 
  • Full Exclusive 
  • Partial Exclusive 
  • Retained 

JXP Search works with its clients to determine which search option is best suited for their needs.

A Guaranteed Match 

Hiring an attorney through JXP Search decreases your risk of a bad hire. JXP Search provides its clients with candidate guarantees which are structured based on the specifics of the search assignment.

Contact JXP Search to discuss your next legal professional search.